24H on-site

From NOW 24h on-site PROSERVICE in further countries available.
By activating the 24h PROSERVICE, certified technicians are available to you within 24h.
This service is available in the following countries:
Germany | Switzerland | Austria | France | Holland | Belgium | Denmark | Poland | Czech Republic | Italy


Zertifiziertes Original parts

Sie erhalten bei uns für alle unsere Systeme Original Ersatzeile und Zubehör.
Kontaktieren Sie jetzt Ihren persönlichen Kundenberater.


lifetime warranty

Secure now with the conclusion of a maintenance contract the *lifetime warranty on your systems.
*The lifetime warranty refers to the contract period.


Support worldwide

Weltweiter Support for your BLOSS.INDUSTRIES and Lysande systems. Together we create the pandemic.
Due to the current worldwide pandemic and the resulting challenges, our SUPPORTDESK ab sofort weltweit zur Verfügung.


The reliability and durability of our systems are particularly appreciated by our customers. To maintain these characteristics, we offer our customers a wide range of services for maintaining, servicing and updating their systems. Our individual services ensure that our customers remain fast and flexible.

Service is a top priority for us - we actively support our customers in every situation with our know-how and competence. We offer customized services that are individually tailored to the customer's needs. We ensure a smooth process, transparent documentation and fair billing. Our goal is always to satisfy our customers.

Repair & Restauration

All systems ever sold are maintained or repaired by experienced and certified technicians. The professional execution increases the service life and maintains the high safety standards. We use only original spare parts and original accessories.

Standardized test procedures are also used to approve and certify the system and components for operationally safe use.

With our service, you leave nothing to chance.

Maintenance & Inspection

Only regular maintenance of the systems can ensure a safe working environment and maximum availability of the systems. For an additional extension of the scope of maintenance work and maximum availability in production, we offer the option to sign a maintenance agreement with us.

Spare parts & Accessories

Quality ensures productivity. We recommend our high-quality original spare parts and our original accessories for maintenance. Our original parts are precisely matched to our systems - they are installed in new systems. Thus, each system remains 100% original even after maintenance or cleaning.
We are committed to our quality, so we have not and will not discontinue any components or stop delivery availability until further notice.

Warranty & Certification

Better safe than sorry - think about later when you buy. We offer our customers the possibility to conclude a warranty extension for a defined period in addition to the 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Alternatively, the warranty of the systems can be extended by 12 months by performing maintenance. For each inspection or check of our systems, we offer certification according to applicable laws and directives. Thus, all our systems are always used in an operationally safe manner.

Help line & Training

Through the HelpLine, we are always available to our customers with qualified, technical advice from our customer service. In addition, we offer the possibility to get information about our systems and products or to ask technical questions. We also offer a wide range of qualified training modules for all aspects of operation, maintenance and process engineering. In addition to these standard training courses, we are happy to put together customized training and further education programs for our customers: individually tailored to the relevant system and, if desired, also directly on site.

Coaching & Consulting

Nothing is impossible! We plan, design and manufacture systems completely individually according to the wishes of our customers. Our focus is to provide a solution for every application and to enable full automation of the production line. Our customer service discusses the relevant requirements with our customers and also shows which possibilities are given to automate processes with the help of their system.

Achieving more together.
When it comes to quality, we leave nothing to chance.

Moritz Wiedmann


Of course, we are also there for you in the event of a malfunction or emergency. Dial our support hotline and fast help in the form of our certified MUCCE support is there for you. No matter if you are in Germany, Europe or anywhere else in this world, we are on the spot and support you - if necessary even with our *24h on-site service.
Seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
With pleasure our MUCCE Help line is for technical questions at your disposal or supports and trains your employees by remote service.
*Please note that the 24h on-site service is not weltweit worldwide available.


Our 24/7 support hotline is available around the clock by telephone in the event of system malfunctions or machine failures.
Your request will be handled by trained and certified staff and treated with the utmost urgency.



With our remote service you get fast and direct help for your system.
Our experienced IT staff connects to your special machine via online access and can solve specific problems.



If your problem cannot be solved on the phone or via remote service, we will organize a 24h emergency service for you.
Our experienced emergency service partners will be at your site as quickly as possible to competently assist you with your malfunction.


The longevity of our systems and products is one of the most important building blocks that contribute to the satisfaction of our customers.

Due to the possibility of expanding and updating existing systems and products to the current process and safety standards, workflows/processes can be automated and production safety increased. In addition, the systems and products are adapted to changed requirements and individually adjusted/configured to our customers and their infrastructure.

With our know-how and the corresponding resources, we are happy to assist our customers for their upgrade and retrofit - thus the performance of their systems and products can be increased, as well as partially recycled components. In addition, we offer the possibility of extensive warranty and service packages to always bring the systems up to date.


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