Drucktechnik BLOSS GmbH becomes the new brand BLOSS.INDUSTRIES.
From now on, MUCCE Group GmbH provides the resources for the production and further development of the well-known BLOSS systems.
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To take responsibility not only for our work but also for each other and follow the chosen path together is the core idea of our cooperation, not only internally, but also with our customers and suppliers.

Dealing with our environment and the available resources in a respectful and sustainable way is a major concern in our work..

Continuous development, the introduction of new innovations and the fulfillment of our customers' complex requirements in order to relieve their daily workload in an effective and lasting way, is what we have set ourselves as a goal.

#SUSTAINABILITY - The MUCCE Group stands for sustainable development. During our daily business activity, we always pay attention to our environment and to protecting it and conserving the resources at our disposal.

#INNOVATION - We facilitate the work processes of our customers through innovative new developments and at the same time create trust through consistency.

# RESPONSIBILITY - Every day, we set ourselves the goal of acting responsibly in every situation. We place the highest value on respectful interaction with our customers, partners, suppliers and employees.

#SECURITY - Work is important to us - and a safe working environment is even more important. We've made it our mission to provide greater occupational safety for our customers. We take an even stricter view of strict regulations, so our products not only meet safety guidelines, but exceed them.



The company was founded in 1992 and is the MUCCE Group since 2019.


We exist as a registered limited liability company in 100% family ownership.


Justus Bloss | Maximilian Bloss


Currently we have 4 registered trademarks


We bear responsibility for the environment in which we live and work. Therefore, we have developed an environmental concept to make our daily actions and business more environmentally friendly and to improve the sustainability of our company: Our products should actively contribute to the protection of our environment and our resources, and our systems are manufactured with the help of state-of-the-art machines and production facilities with minimal energy and water consumption. We also take care to produce as little waste as possible. In addition, our office, warehouse and production facilities are powered exclusively by green electricity, and modern LED lamps further reduce power consumption. We use only environmentally friendly operating and cleaning agents as well as recycled office materials.


"Our goal has always been to put new ideas and innovations into practice. So, in 1992, I started to adapt the printing presses or peripheral equipment available on the market to the customer's requirements. The basic idea was to automate and standardize processes before, during and after the production process. Due to the high demand and the ever increasing order situation, the company Bernd Bloss Drucktechnik was transformed into Drucktechnik Bloss GmbH in 1997. The change of name to a limited liability company also led to an expansion of the production facility and the development of our own products and hardware. For more than 20 years now we have been manufacturing systems and products according to the requirements of our customers. Due to the long experience in the field of special machine construction, we were able to expand our fields of application. Thus, today we manufacture systems and products which are also used in the automotive sector or in the chemical industry. In 2019, the MUCCE Group GmbH was therefore created in order to expand the application areas of our systems on the one hand, as well as to be able to establish our own products as brands."

Bernd Bloss
MUCCE CONSULTING | Head of Development

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