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Our services overview

Let yourself be impressed by our extensive range of services. Because customer satisfaction is our highest priority, we will always be there for you with our advice and support, starting with your inquiry, up to the maintenance and spare parts supply for your customized machine.


Custom mechanical engineering

We plan, design and manufacture customized machines according to our customers' individual specifications. Our aim is to provide a solution for each and every application and to enable a complete automation of the production line.


Contract manufacturing

Using our state-of-the-art and high precision machinery, we manufacture the product according to our customers' exact specifications. By deciding to manufacture in our company, our customers can rely on our employees' extensive experience and competent advice.


Service and support

We assist our customers, not only throughout the acquisition or assembly process of their systems, but we are also available afterwards to support them with our exclusive service concept. A comprehensive and fully customer-friendly service has been ensuring us, over the years, a loyal customer base.


In a close cooperation with our customer we plan the customized machine according to the customer's requirements and system specifications, and create a technical schedule concept for the entire project.


The product design is developed specifically for each customer. All drawings and documents required for the subsequent production are prepared accordingly.


In our state-of-the-art machine park we manufacture the product, taking all our customers' technical and individual specifications into account. The assembly on site can be carried out by ourselves or, if requested, can also be performed by the customer himself in accordance with the assembly instructions.


For an optimal performance and customized settings on the machine, we can also provide any software solution. The system's communication and automation may therefore be configured to match the customer's specific demands.


We process aluminium, stainless steel or plastic on our state-of-the-art machines. We manufacture the product according to the customer's specifications and, due to our experienced staff's diligence, we are able to achieve high quality products.


We also have the appropriate tools for cutting, milling, welding, bending, stamping or laser engraving. We process sheet metal in accordance with the customer's order, taking extreme caution and strictly following his specifications.

Together we achieve more. When it comes to quality, we leave nothing to chance.

Frank Schuster

Our quality policy

In order to ensure our customers' long-lasting satisfaction, we have high quality standards for all our products. Every single product from our brands is produced, controlled and certified according to our high standards.

Product safety

We set the highest value on a consistently high quality of our products. Through regular maintenance and inspection of our machinery, and continuous training of our staff, we can guarantee a high product safety.

Risk Management

Our company's risk management deals with all important measures to prevent and reduce risks. As a result, the probability of a negative incident can be reduced to a minimum, or if it should nevertheless occur, appropriate countermeasures can be immediately taken.

Product requirements

We determine and evaluate the product requirements. These are, on one hand, the individual requests based on the customer's demands and, on the other hand, the general requirements according to the product's technical specifications.


Despite all care and precautions, errors or defects may occur. Should a complaint with a warranty claim arise, and in order to satisfy the customer in the best possible way, we are also equipped in the warranty management sector.

Supplier Management

An important task during the procurement process is the supplier management. Hereby, it is our aim to build up and maintain a supplier base, characterized by a high delivery capacity, outstanding performance and optimal pricing.

Worldwide operation.

We provide our services not only in Germany but also worldwide.


Every brand product is subject to strict manufacturer regulations. This ensures that the products can be used in a reliable and safe way. For older systems, safety features should be checked regularly, repaired if necessary, and then re-certified.
  • Safe Operation
  • 100% Monitored
  • Products Documented


We guarantee a full system functionality, if maintenance is carried out on a regular basis. System inspections are carried out by service partners.
  • Product Inspection
  • Certified Service Partner
  • Performance Limits test


Defective systems are professionally repaired. Only original spare parts are used.
  • Components Replacement according to guidelines
  • Flexibly Expandable
  • Safe Start-up

Spare parts

None of our systems has been, or will be discontinued. We supply spare parts for each of our systems at any time.
  • Certified Spare parts
  • Immediately Available
  • Original Spare parts


Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Our costumer service has been appreciated for years.

Customer Support

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